Our Hope & Purpose


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Our hope is to help the home buyer, the designer, and the ones in need.  There are so many styles of homes, and we collect a few. Our collections include homes that are currently for sale and those that have already sold. We are now collecting forest cabins, tiny homes, modern mansions, and historic homes. You can learn more about them below under “Property Styles”.  Each has very unique architectural styles, designs, decor, amenities, and so much more, to inspire and perhaps help you find your very next home. So get you a cup of coffee, latte, tea, or ice water, and be inspired.

Our purpose is to help “the ones in need” to know the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.  This may only be accomplished through the grace and mercy of God.

Property Styles

Forest Cabins

We look for cabins that appear similar to authentic log cabins. They tend to have a sense of nostalgia and ambiance both internal and external. They don't have to be extravagant or expensive, however many are. Sometimes the most simple, utilitarian cabins are the most beautiful. The solitude of a woodland cabin, simple living, and being surrounded by God's creation gives time for reflection of ones life, the path they are on, and where they should go.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes seem to be the perfect fit for those that want to reign in life's overhead, reducing debt, time and money in maintenance, as well as the burden of costly monthly energy bills, etc. Minimizing ones life in this way could help to shift gears on priorities and allow an individual or family to really dig into God. Financial freedom is possible if we could learn to be content.

Modern Mansions

We look for late model homes that are extraordinary and in many case unimaginable marvels. They are breath taking in many ways and often only a dreamers home, however someday we may also enjoy an everlasting mansion. One that is truly marvelous. Don't get caught up in the things of this world, for the love of the riches of the world is snare. However, enjoy the design, architecture, and variety. If perhaps you are in the market for one, stay humble and pursue God.

Historic Homes

Historical homes are treasures from our past giving us a glimpse into the lives of people that once lived within their walls. With each new home, we add to the collection we learn a little more about the time and place these people lived. It is exciting to see the detail of each staircase banister, the craftsmanship put into every baseboard, crown molding, door, window sash, and so much more. Our desire is to be able to look back over our own lives and cherish, like many of these homes, the wonderful things God has molded and shaped on the inside and outside of us.